GrndWorX expands to Switzerland: A Swiss Adventure Begins!

It is safe to say that the last few months at GrndWorX have been a flurry of activity and excitement following the opening of our new office in Geneva, Switzerland and launching our brand spanking new website. Joining us as Managing Partner to lead our Swiss operations, Willem Redert takes the helm in ensuring an enhanced service to our Swiss clientele, further demonstrating our commitment to delivering exceptional strategic marketing solutions.  

Championing Switzerland’s marketing landscape  

So, why Switzerland, you ask? Well, it is all about being closer to our Swiss clients. By establishing a presence, a legal entity and Managing Partner in Switzerland, we are not just opening a new office; we are establishing a closer connection to our clients, enabling us to understand their unique needs, and provide tailored solutions more effectively than ever before. We understand the importance of proximity and personalized service, and by being closer to our Swiss clients, we can offer timely assistance, valuable insights, and seamless collaboration.

GrndWorX Switzerland office
Our new GrndWorX office located on the picture-perfect Rue de la Corraterie 14 in Geneva. 

The benefits of face-to-face interactions in business  

Despite all the benefits of virtual collaboration, face-to-face collaboration is still the best way to build close relationships. Additionally, face-to-face interactions allow for more nuanced relationship management, enabling businesses to address concerns, negotiate terms, and resolve conflicts more effectively. According to a study by Forbes, in-person meetings are more conducive to brainstorming and ideation, leading to greater innovation and problem-solving (Forbes, 2020). 

Other research suggests that face-to-face meetings lead to more open and honest communication, as individuals can better gauge nonverbal cues and establish a deeper connection (Harvard Business Review, 2019), which we believe are essential for building long-lasting partnerships that drive positive business outcomes.  

Leverage our expertise to elevate your brand 

At GrndWorX, we value collaboration and personalized service. Our presence in Switzerland allows us to engage more closely and build strong partnerships that drive impactful results in strategic marketing. 

Whether you are a current or prospective partner, or simply curious about what we do, drop us a mail and we’d would love to chat over a cup of coffee, or even a Swiss hot chocolate.  

Here’s to new beginnings and impactful collaborations in Switzerland and beyond!