We’re here to challenge the assumptions of small vs big agency, blurring the lines between strategy consultancy and creative agency, client and service provider. We accelerate business outcomes by breaking down the clutter and developing exceptional clarity and creativity around problem and solution.

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Outcomes obsessed, we help push further to the ‘why and how’ of what needs to happen as a result – then we focus on making it happen. And then we learn from that to make things even better.

Our unique collaboration of marketing practitioners with decades of international experience combined with small agency creativity and exceptional talent, allows us add concrete value from the first discussion. With us, strategists don’t just brief creative teams, they overlap their skills and seamlessly work together.

Our partnership ethos encompasses our clients as well as our teams. Ongoing senior partner involvement ensures that we blur the traditional lines between client and supplier, offering greater flexibility and agility. We deliver to a consistently high standard, saving you time and energy.

From brand positioning or marketing strategy, to exceptional creative roll-out across digital channels and campaign collateral, our partnership means cohesive end-to-end solutions.

We understand the complexities of modern business landscape and place great emphasis on bridging the gap between consultancy and agency. Our agility means we re-engineer our setup to seamlessly align with your specific problems, challenges, and opportunities, ensuring tailored solutions that drive tangible results.

With a dedicated team of colleagues spanning multiple countries including the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, South Africa, Switzerland, and Poland, we bring a broad range of perspectives to the table. Since our founding in 2019 in The Hague, we've steadily grown by prioritizing outcomes and delivering high value for a select number of clients who appreciate our work.

Our clients are the heroes of our achievements, and partnership lies at the core of everything we do. We recognize the opportunity for differentiation in the diversity of international markets and leverage this to your advantage. Good marketing begins with clarity of insight and setting objectives. We are straightforward in our approach and always say it like we see it, ensuring transparency and trust every step of the way.

What we do

Our aim is to help you not simply to deliver to your brief, but to push further into the ‘why and how’ of what needs to happen. With us, strategists don’t just brief creative teams, they overlap their skills and seamlessly work together.

Addressing the difference between output and outcome, we believe that marketing should be outcome obsessed. “Focus on what counts” is our motto: the need for clarity of purpose and objectives; as well as a deep understanding of how marketing activities will contribute to concrete business goals.

Daily business pressures can make it easy to lose sight of what matters. We firmly believe that combining strategy and purposeful execution yields the best results. Our RE-set series offers a fresh ‘outside/inside’ perspective.

Why GrndWorx

As experienced marketing practitioners who have worked extensively within global businesses, we have walked in your shoes.

Working now in a strategic marketing agency, our team brings a unique perspective through profound understanding of your clients’ challenges, sales teams, and stakeholders demands. This uncommon view of the world allows us to bridge strategy with outcome-driven creative execution. Our aim is to add concrete value to meeting your challenges from the very first discussion.

As an extension of your internal team, we offer objectivity and fresh perspective. We develop insight-based creative solutions to tackle the obstacles that may be hindering the progress of your business., Ensuring that our solutions are effective and impactful. Our proven track record speaks for itself.

Our teams are diverse in expertise and background, providing you with the global perspective you need to be successful in international markets. At the same time, we ensure being close to our clients through our offices in the Netherlands and Switzerland

At GrndWorX, our clients are the heroes of our achievements, and we are here to help you achieve success every step of the way.

Interested in working with us?

  • Rainer Fritzsche

    Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter
    OVID Partner GmbH

    "Their incisive thinking, backed by years of experience supporting financial businesses internationally, means that they look at challenges holistically in terms of growth and business development. On top of that, they have lived and worked all around Europe – they really get the cultural differences."

  • Paul Van Eynde

    Global Chief Marketing Officer
    BNP Paribas Asset Management

    "GrndWorX were able to immediately understand the issues and add value by challenging on the content and not just the words and pictures, although they did that too. GrndWorX immediately understood our challenges and provided valuable insights by quizzing not only the surface-level aspects, but also delving into the core concepts. Their strategic thinking went well beyond just words and visuals, truly adding value to our project."

  • Simone Staehr

    Head of EMEA Business Development
    Capital Preferences Ltd

    "GrndWorX helped us build awareness in a new European market. They were a pleasure to work with; a very professional and dedicated team, not afraid to drive the process and making sure that we kept momentum. You can expect to achieve the results you strive for, and then some."

  • Gianni Rizzello

    Senior Partner Klein Attorneys

    "We had the privilege of working with a team that showcased strong professionalism and expertise. The workshops they moderated allowed us to unearth and express our organizational DNA. From there, the team not only met but exceeded our expectations, demonstrating a deep understanding of what our customers would expect on our website. Their whole approach was tailored to our needs and specific requirements. In summary, their commitment to excellence make them an outstanding partner, and we highly recommend their services."

  • Stephanie Gordon

    Global Head of Wholesale Marketing
    BNP Paribas Asset Management

    "I have been working with GrndWorx for just over a year now and have very much valued my interaction with the team. We have covered both consultancy through to delivery of campaign work, and the team always bring valuable insights, planning and material to help us deliver on our campaign objectives, with a strong focus on the client. I would highly recommend GrndWorx as a partner in focusing your efforts and achieving your marketing objectives."

Collaboration with Embrace

Our collaboration with Embrace has been developed to enhance our business outcomes focused problem solving. Together, we’re challenging the assumptions of small versus big agency by blurring the lines between client and agency. Integrating strategy with insight lead, thoughtful creative and smart channel activation to achieve business growth objectives. This versatile model further cements our position as small giants in the agency world – uniting the best of both. Small agency commitment, flexibility and can-do attitude. Big agency depth of expertise, rigour and experience.



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