Marketing purpose & development workshop

Our client is a global asset manager. Having successfully evolved their marketing department in recent years, the team was eager to follow-up on this success and define their roadmap for development over the three years to come.

Key questions & considerations:

  • What is the role and purpose of marketing going forward? How does it need to evolve to continue to play leading role at the heart of the distribution function?  
  • Which key objectives and targets need to be met within 12, 24, 36 months and how should marketing contribute to helping the firm achieve those objectives? 
  • What initiatives need to be launched, what adjustments should be made to the structure of the organization, what should be managed internally and what should be outsourced/nearshored? 


To build a marketing team at the cutting edge of industry practice, integrally aligned to business strategy, a leader of initiative and best practice.  

Approach & solution:

After understanding the strategy and targets for the business, we held a series of interviews with senior executives to understand the status quo and opportunities for evolution within the marketing function. This was followed up by a 1 ½ day workshop during which the team reflected on trends and opportunities within marketing as a discipline and the industry, the strategy of their firm, and the role that marketing needed to fulfill to achieve its goals. Lastly, the team developed several key areas that required further work and development for marketing to be able to fulfil this role. These constituted a roadmap which was further refined and develop following the workshop. 

With the roadmap in place, the broader marketing team was involved in several carefully scoped workstreams. Each workstream sought to develop and implement specific measures and solutions that would enable the global team to grow and evolve its role and purpose within the firm. 

The outcome:

In addition to energizing the global marketing team during a difficult period, the team was able to implement a few key initiatives and programs that have positively shaped the way the team operates. The team continues to implement the program and is focused on building connections and integration across the global team as well as reducing the gap between all levels of marketing and its clients globally. 

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