How we help

To start with

Assesment of your needs, consultation, support making the change

As practitioners ourselves we understand the need for continuity, stability and mitigation of risks with regards to key processes that have enabled you to be successful in the past. In this regard, we recognize the need to plan any process changes rigorously and are happy to advise and support you and your team to make the transition as smooth and painless as possible.

We follow a strict process of consultation and onboarding:

Agreement on book of work to be transferred, expectations, KPIs, goals, reporting
Setup workflow portal
Internal briefing on workflow portal and working processes, what to expect, challenges to be faced
Periodic reporting, reviews and feedback sessions

A dedicated case manager

Each project will be accompanied from beginning to end by a dedicated case manager.

Every case manager is a seasoned marcom professional with many years of experience in successful managing projects. Our case managers and studio work together seamlessly to get your projects over the finish line in record time – and at a fraction of what a traditional marketing service provider would charge.

The case manager is your primary contact person for all things related to the project. He or she will oversee the timeliness and quality of the deliverables and will communicate and consult with you towards the successful completion of the project.

A simple and intuitive workflow portal

Our workflow portal is designed to facilitate interaction between your teams and ourselves. Booking jobs, uploading input materials, timeline management, communications, delivery of completed work, feedback loops, satisfaction and KPI tracking, etc.