Why us?

GrndWorX exists to help solve your challenges.

—   Pressure to reduce headcount

You are under constant pressure to reduce FTEs – in this case, you need to find ways to reduce low skilled or repetitive tasks to focus your team members on high value-added knowledge-focused work that adds material value to your various stakeholders.

—   A burden of manual work

You face an unsustainable burden of repetitive ‘manual’ work. Your team is constantly chasing deadlines for ‘hygiene’ work that, while important as a service for your clients, will never create strong stand out or help you to develop your brand. This work constantly limits your team’s ability to address strategic issues and key initiatives.

—   Dealing with budget pressure

Many firms across industries are under severe cost pressure. We know that marketing is one of the first areas to suffer budget reduction measures. You feel this pressure and aim to demonstrate budget responsibility and evidence lowest cost options in a corporate environment of cost management/cost cutting. By doing this you are in a stronger position to defend your budget and resources.

—   Streamlining regional operations

Working across borders with limited marketing resources in multiple local sales offices is a challenge. Ensuring brand consistency without going to the extreme of signing off each piece, achieving operational efficiency, rigorously managing the cost of execution without having to be too hands on.

There will be other challenges, we’d love to hear about them and explore, together, how we can help you solve them.

Internal versus external/nearshore

Isn’t is just easier and faster if I do it internally?

Sure, it is, right?

But the opportunity is to place the right work in the right place (internal/ external/ nearshore/ offshore) so that you can be as efficient as possible – it’s not about what is easy.

Wouldn’t you prefer to focus the scarce time of your team to create and build initiatives that add value to the bottom line and improve marketing results and energize your team?

Lastly, although our background is in marketing, we are also specialists in process design and management with several of our founding team trained in Six Sigma and Lean Sigma methodology.

We believe that this expertise and understanding is a distinguishing factor in our ability to run smooth processes and achieve the quality standards that our clients expect from us.

The choice is yours! Spend time and effort on things you will rarely be thanked for or focus on the value added and be seen as a wizard of marketing leadership, extracting great value from lean resources.