How can we help

Here are a few ways GrndWorX can help:

Enabling market expansion

You are expanding into new geographies and need to supplement your existing teams with international skills and experience.

Refocusing strategy

You know something’s wrong with your strategy, and you need an objective viewpoint to clarify your thinking.

Improving sales effectiveness

You need to enhance your sales effectiveness by generating new leads and nurturing prospects and opportunities.

Implementing marketing technology

You recognise that marketing tools and technology are developing at a rapid pace. You need guidance to cut through the jargon and figure out where to start.

Supporting product launches

You have an important launch coming up and you are looking for that extra design and copywriting polish to make it stand out for your clients.

Creating thought leadership

You want to showcase your businesses’ capabilities and expertise through thought leadership, but you lack the resources or skills to make it happen.

Enhancing social media

You fear being left behind on social media like Linkedin. You need outside resources to build a social media plan, implement it and upskill your in-house team.

Patrick and Dorit’s incisive thinking, backed by years of experience supporting financial businesses internationally means that they look at challenges holistically in terms of growth and business development. On top of that, they’ve lived and worked all around Europe – they really get the cultural differences and how to adapt to the specifics of the markets.

Rainer Fritzsche

Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter, OVID partner GmbH

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