Website positioning & narrative development for a mid-sized international legal practice

Our client is a successful mid-sized legal firm that has grown through client referrals. ​With a new generation of partners, the 12-year-old website was no longer a reflection of the firm’s development. The equity partners asked GrndWorX to create a state-of-the-art website by reflecting their uniqueness through narrative, design, and usability.

Key questions & considerations:

  • How will the new website attract new talent? 
  • How will it convey the firm’s distinctiveness and create a narrative and visuals free from conventional industry jargon? 


  • Update and refresh the corporate identity. 
  • Bring the personality of the company into the narrative and visual identity.  
  • Act as a reference for current and prospective clients. 
  • Attract new talent. 

Approach & solution:

After discovery and interviews with partners and associates, we identified their values and perspective for the future. The outcome was a comprehensive communications brief defined around three sets of objectives. We developed four narrative concepts ranging from conservative to out of the box with creative visual identity mock-ups as an integrated process. 

The outcome:

  • The team were able to articulate the complexity of their work in simple terms, fostering consistent communication.  
  • The website’s functionality, appearance, and design seamlessly reflects the practice’s narrative and uniqueness, ensuring user-friendly navigation. 
  • A consistent administration of news and updates while maintaining a unified look and feel. 

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