Identity, proposition, and narrative development for a global professional services consultancy

The client has been highly successful at building a global range of managed service solutions for the finance industry.​ With the expansion of services, the group was struggling to define their identity and ensure the cohesion and focus of their employees towards further developing and growing their footprint​.

Key questions & considerations:

  • What is the common message for the various practices within the organization? 
  • How should the new narrative be rolled out internally and externally? 


  • Create a robust, cohesive identity to expand the firm’s presence within its current client base and attract new clients globally. 
  • Develop the narrative for both internal and external communications.​ 

Approach & solution:

The initial discovery phase involved conducting 15 interviews with senior partners of the practice to understand their current positioning, values, and future vision. The outcome was a comprehensive communications brief structured around three sets of objectives, focusing on eliciting specific emotions, thoughts, and actions from various target audiences. Subsequently, the brief underwent testing with employee sounding groups to identify gaps between the desired objectives and the current status quo. 

The outcome:

GrndWorX developed four creative routes encompassing integrated concepts. These included a narrative and copy platform, visual identity, and internal communications plan. One of the creative routes was agreed upon by all partners. 

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