Hyper-targeted business development campaign for a fintech company

Our client offers advisory applications designed to evaluate investor needs and preferences within banks’ suitability and appropriateness frameworks. With new regulations coming into force that require financial advisors to understand the sustainability and ESG preferences of each individual investor, our client asked us to develop a marketing and business development strategy to help them position their unique solutions with bank decision makers in Europe, starting with a specific market. ​

Key questions & considerations:

  • Which media and event opportunities provide exposure potential for distinct types of investments? 
  • What marketing strategy should be adopted to swiftly elevate the profile and exposure of the client’s solutions among key decision-makers? 
  • What localization factors are key to accelerate take-up of the campaign?​ 


  • Build awareness within the target audience.
  • Get leads and develop a book of contacts.

Approach & solution:

Stage 1: Desk research and outreach to compile a comprehensive overview of event and media opportunities in the designated market. Capture essential data such as cost, timeframes, audience reach, and relevance to the target audience to facilitate decision-making.   

Stage 2: Development and proposal of a recommended marketing strategy with phased approach and emphasis on cost optimization and effectiveness vs. desired outcomes​.   

Stage 3: Local adaptation and preparation of retail investor research to understand their current concerns regarding advice on investing in ESG.   

Stage 4: Ongoing execution of a highly targeted LinkedIn and PR campaign directed at bank decision-makers, utilizing research findings. Additionally, facilitate access to pertinent Dutch industry associations and deliver tailored presentations to their respective ESG committees. 

The outcome:

Our initiatives generated awareness through press and interviews, as well as speaking positions at industry events. This resulted in warm contacts.

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