Case studies

Global trade show and event management for a B2B client

The client’s rapid growth stretched the marketing team thin, making it challenging to prioritize growth opportunities and manage budgets effectively. To address this, GrndWorX were enlisted to assist with global event and trade fair management.

Narrative consolidation & thought leadership for an industrial B2B client in the renewable polymers & chemicals sector

Since the mid-90s, the client has been on a journey to become a trailblazer in sustainability and ESG. After successfully transitioning to renewable fuels, the firm recently established a new division focused on producing renewable polymers and chemicals for recycled plastic. GrndWorX was entrusted with strengthening their narrative by consolidating various existing sets into a single consistent baseline.

“Working with GrndWorX has truly unlocked my potential as a thought leader in my industry. Their understanding of the importance of strategic vision and profound insights has helped me shape the future. Through our collaboration, we have explored innovative ideas, fostering influential thinking that drives industry conversations and positions my business at the forefront of innovation.”

Identity, proposition, and narrative development for a global professional services consultancy

The client has been highly successful at building a global range of managed service solutions for the finance industry.​ With the expansion of services, the group was struggling to define their identity and ensure the cohesion and focus of their employees towards further developing and growing their footprint​.

Research & market scan including a new product proposal for a European/US real estate alternative investment firm

For two decades, our client has achieved significant success operating closed-end real estate funds tailored for high-net-worth individuals (HNWI) and distributed through banks and wealth advisors. Convinced that this specific product and distribution structure was running out of shelf-life, the client wanted to undertake a Europe-wide market scan to understand what innovations are coming to market in terms of product structure and distribution channels for real estate, alternative and private market products.

Hyper-targeted business development campaign for a fintech company

Our client offers advisory applications designed to evaluate investor needs and preferences within banks’ suitability and appropriateness frameworks. With new regulations coming into force that require financial advisors to understand the sustainability and ESG preferences of each individual investor, our client asked us to develop a marketing and business development strategy to help them position their unique solutions with bank decision makers in Europe, starting with a specific market. ​

Website positioning & narrative development for a mid-sized international legal practice

Our client is a successful mid-sized legal firm that has grown through client referrals. ​With a new generation of partners, the 12-year-old website was no longer a reflection of the firm’s development. The equity partners asked GrndWorX to create a state-of-the-art website by reflecting their uniqueness through narrative, design, and usability.

Marketing purpose & development workshop

Our client is a global asset manager. Having successfully evolved their marketing department in recent years, the team was eager to follow-up on this success and define their roadmap for development over the three years to come.

Account-based marketing strategies in Asia and Europe for a large European asset manager 

Our client is a major global asset manager. To accelerate their growth, and test the viability of account-based marketing, the client decided to implement several pilot ABM projects in a variety of international markets. The client wanted to educate internal teams about the advantages of account-based marketing and to prove its effectiveness.