About GrndWorX

GrndWorX is a marketing agency that can both craft strategy and take on the nuts and bolts to make it happen. You can ask us to build actionable strategies and plans for your business, manage one-off implementation projects or supplement your team over a longer period.

As former marketing and communications leaders in wealth management, asset management and B2B, we’ve been in your shoes. We know that the ideal marketing agency is not only highly skilled, but ready, willing and able to take the nitty gritty off your hands – so your teams can focus on building the future.

When we set up GrndWorX, we made it into the agency that we’d dreamed of having at our fingertips when we were in-house. One that can help you focus on what counts and grow your business.

Who we are

Patrick Ide

Pirate or captain? Patrick is both: challenging the status quo as a ‘pirate’ during important transformations, becoming a ‘captain’ once the ship needs to be steered on a clear course.

Patrick has been responsible for big marketing transformation projects around the world. He started out at Unilever and then moved into the asset and wealth management sectors, working for Fidelity International and Credit Suisse. When Patrick isn’t busy educating people about the transformation of marketing and helping our clients to solve their headaches, he can be found on his beloved old wooden folkeboot, sailing around The Netherlands, or admiring characterful motorbikes.

Dorit Erzmoneit

Artist or ‘quantacreativist’? Dorit’s art background kicks in when blue-sky thinking is needed while her analytic and business acumen ensures that her ideas add value in the real world.

Dorit has over 25 years’ experience leading and collaborating with teams in B2B and B2C in all aspects of marketing, business development, communication, brand development and project management. She has followed some unconventional paths, including managing several startups as an entrepreneur in the very diverse worlds of finance, art and children’s edutainment. When not in the office, Dorit explores future trends and technologies. One day she intends to become a master potter.

Erwin Heenk

Bringing things into perspective is definitively one of Erwin’s superpowers. He has an ever-positive outlook to the world and likes nothing more than to get his hands dirty with a smile on his face. The result is an even keeled manner and a calm way of addressing even the most stressful situations.

Erwin has a long track record in financial services marketing. He is most at home driving complex projects and is particularly adept at liasing closely with sales teams to help keep them onboard and enthusiastic! Erwin is an experienced international and digital marketer and the icing of the cake for our financial clients is that he is an expert in institutional marketing matters as well. When Erwin is not working, he is planning his next holiday, whether that’s in Portugal, Africa or Argentina good wine is a must!

Bianca Wighman

Out of the blue we learned that Bianca used to bowl for the Dutch National League! Maybe that is why she keeps ultra-cool when the rest of us are worried to drop the (bowling) – ball? Bianca just handles the near impossible timeline and gets stuff done.

Creativity runs in her family. Bianca started work with a signing company where she fell in love with typography, shapes and colours, large print formats and packaging. With her additional experience in financial corporations her focus shifted to communicating complex topics with clear design. Bianca says that graphic design has gone through many developments, especially with digital playing a key role now. Bianca’s love and curiosity for progress are the perfect match for her profession. When Bianca is not creating she cares for animals in need and loves to be outdoors, ideally with her dog Che. Sport plays a vital role in her life as well and if it is outdoors, obviously we are talking biking (so very Dutch 😉).

Piotr Kwiatosinski

A mountaineer with his feet firmly planted to the ground, Piotr can see the big picture, yet he’s firmly rooted with a razor-sharp analytical mind that gets things done.

For the past six years Piotr has coordinated many international IT projects. He began his journey as a web developer where his appetite for learning and exploring new technologies took root. After hours he can be found playing with his children, trekking in the Alps or riding his motorbike to admire the striking scenery.

Marije Tolsma-Groen

A connector, storyteller and a global citizen, Marije combines the three!

Marije thrives when she gets to truly connect with people. Be it as a host – for events, webcasts and podcasts – as a trainer, communications consultant or simply with friends and family. She appreciates the diversity and individuality in people, loves to find out what drives them and listen to their stories. Marije brings 14 years in corporate life and different roles in internal and leadership communications to the table. Dutch by origin, she speaks several languages and has had the pleasure of living in different places in both Europe and the US.

Isabella Park

World-traveller, hiker and half-marathon plodder, Bella is passionate about the outdoors and nature.  

Since 2012, Bella has specialised in making the complex accessible – as a strategic thinker, copywriter and brand language consultant. A former UK government communicator, Bella loves getting her teeth into knotty projects. A UK national, she speaks fluent French and Spanish, menu Swedish and a smattering of Italian and Portuguese.

Leyla Mohan

Happiest when working with words, Leyla also loves art – looking at it, talking about it, and most of all, getting painty making it. 

Leyla has worked in communications for more than
20 years, enjoying collaborations with strategists, designers and other specialists. She is skilled at taking complex source material and making it accessible for different audiences, using a combination of methods including in-depth research, creative workshops, and copywriting. Leyla has built up diverse sector experience and is always enthusiastic about applying previously gained knowledge to new client challenges. 

Our values

Making you, the hero!

Having worked in your shoes, we understand the pressures you’re under and the challenges you face with your stakeholders. We keep our focus firmly on you, doing the small things that will ultimately help you to be successful in doing what really matters.

Straightforward in everything we do

At GrndWorX we believe in quietly going about our business and doing our job. No fuss, no exaggeration, no over-promising, no hyperbole, just clear, straightforward professionalism.

Onwards and Upwards
Always up for the challenge

We believe in facing the inevitable glitches, problems and challenges with calm good humour, looking for the solution and the chance to shine through a positive reaction to adversity.

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